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We have to go beyond ordinary practices to comfort our clients. Therefore, our company developed a list of extra services, which help to establish communication between us and our clients.

Warranty service

Three-year product warranty

Bespoke Atelier «SHISHKIN» provides a three-year warranty on its products. It includes dry cleaning and ironing every six months, operative restoration, correcting a suit in case that customer slightly changes a size.

Field service

Specialists will visit you at a convenient time and place.

If you have no time for visit our office, you could use this service. Specialists will visit the address indicated by you at a convenient time:

  • Tailor will take measurements from you
  • Tailor will provide the catalog with fabrics and patterns and also will help you with choice
  • Tailor will consult you about style and cut
  • Tailor will place an order
  • Next fittings and delivery also could be done as part of mobile service

Mobile service is free for Yekaterinburg.  It applies to any country and calculate individually.

Image accompaniment

Must-have style guide

Do you think about forming your own image or you want just to give your own image meaningfulness and completeness? SHISHKIN Bespoke Atelier offer services of image consultant.

He will talk to you, conduct personal color analysis and recommend what clothes and accessories of which colors will be the best for you. Our specialist will give advice about new shades for your image and colors, so you’ll see which of them will give credibility to your image, and which openness and friendliness. He will inspect your physical characteristics, suggest optimal style of clothing, teach how to combine them and tell about visual correction technique.

He will take into account your career, lifestyle and personal preference. In sum, it will be your individual image plan, that will become your ultimate style guide.

You could apply for this service and got consultation by calling one of these phones or by leaving a request on our website.

Base of individual patterns

Eliminates the need for repeated fittings

After your first request to SHISHKIN Bespoke Atelier we will save your own patterns. They are based on the characteristics of client’s figure. All patterns are stored in the computer. You will save a lot of time if you direct to us next time. In fact, you will need to choose the fabric and decide on the style, and then, when ready, try on the product once before the final completion.

Product delivery

Product delivery at a convenient time and place.

If you have no time for visit our office, then you could use this service at address indicated by you at a convenient time for you:

  • Delivery of finished products is carried out in strictly agreed terms with the customer
  • Our employee connects with you, when product is ready
  • Items will be packed in professional branded clothing covers
  • Deliverymanensures that product is not wrinkled during transportation

This service is free for Yekaterinburg

It applies to any country and calculates individually.

Customer loyalty program

Loyalty Cards

For regular customers of SHISHKIN Bespoke Atelier we provide loyalty cards

Silver card:

  • It is issued to customers after the first service at SHISHKIN Bespoke Atelier and begins to operate from the next visit;
  • Gives discount of 5% for second and subsequent directs into SHISHKIN Bespoke Atelier

Gold card:

  • Gives discount of 10% for third and subsequent directs into SHISHKIN Bespoke Atelier

Platinum card:

  • Gives discount of 15% for fourth and subsequent directs into SHISHKIN Bespoke Atelier
  • This document is not a public offer.


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