• Innovating clothing factory SHISHKIN uniform atelier have full cycle production. We are located in the central part of Russia in Yekaterinburg. Thereby it is easy to coordinate order, to reduce production time, to control quality and to optimize the delivery of finished products to domestic and foreign companies;
  • Our company provide comprehensive services of development, production and delivery of fashion line and accessories. This fact allows customer to work with one company without searching side companies with separate directions;
  • Mobile measurement service increases the level of service for our customers and eliminates the need to think about logistic of employees;
  • Price policy is segmented on promo/standard/premium. That helps to find optimal balance between quantity/price/quality;
  • Minimum production cycle is 30 units of same form/ style / color of products. That gives an opportunity for our clients not to risk with large amount money when ordering for the first time;
  • Minimum term of production is 60 working days. It could speed up the process of renew assortment matrix;
  • Product is certificated and is delivered by prepared retail / wholesale company.


Мы всегда рады ответить на ваши вопросы и проконсультировать по материалам, изделиям, срокам и стоимости в режиме реального времени

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