GC «Tailoring Manufactory «SHISHKIN» was founded in 2008 by designer and businessman Dmitry Shishkin. The company operates in three main directions, connected with design, production and delivery of men’s clothes and accessories.


Growth of the brand «SHISHKIN» took place in an evolutionary way: hobby, atelier, Fashion house, manufacture, first factory, second factory, company group, etc.


As a third-year student at the Law Academy, twenty-year-old designer and aspiring entrepreneur Dmitry Shishkin registered his first Athena Pallada company and began professional activities to design and create collections of men’s clothing.


The designer presented his debut men’s collection on the iconic Russian platform — the Eurasian Fashion Week. This event was a powerful start in the professional activities of a novice businessman, because this collection was highly appreciated by viewers and professionals in the fashion and had a big commercial success.


Designer founded SHISHKIN Fashion House in the center of Yekaterinburg. This Fashion House created seasonal clothing collections, organized shows and served individual clients.


Company began to cooperate with domestic multi-brand boutiques and online stores promoting clothes from Russian designers. The company’s production became very popular among customers, and the company was actively increasing production turnover.


Dmitry Shishkin entered a doctoral program at the Ural Federal University at the Department of Art History. He prepared «KONSTRUKTIVIZM» — an avant-garde collection, inspired by monuments of the era of constructivism, with his scientific directors, the family of professors Golynets. The show took place in the art space «Press House» and had a great resonance in society.


Fashion house executed the first major order of development and creating industrial clothing collection «UVZ-Shop» for the state corporation «UralVagonZavod» which had a great resonance in society, because it was the first project of its kind.


The company expanded with activity, changing its name to Tailoring Manufactory «SHISHKIN» and begins active development of corporate tailoring. In only a few years it entered the leading positions in the Russian market.

Tailoring Manufactory «SHISHKIN» becomes a member of «The Russian Union of Designers».


The first Bespoke atelier in Russia was founded. It is a handicraft association based on highly skilled manual labor of tailors for tailoring luxury men’s classic clothes.

The company becomes a full member of the «National Academy of Fashion Industry» under the patronage of V.M. Zaitseva.


Second manufactory «MTM atelier» was founded. It is a tailoring full cycle factory carrying out customized production of men’s clothing and accessories in a casual style.

GC «Tailoring Manufactory «SHISHKIN» for the first time in history victoried in three categories of the main national fashion Golden Spin 2016 Award: «Creative Collection», «Corporate Clothing» and «Working Professions».

GC «Tailoring Manufactory «SHISHKIN» became a full member of the «Union of Entrepreneurs of Textile and Light Industry»


Third factory «Uniform atelier» was founded. It is an innovative clothing factory with comprehensive development, production and delivery of the industrial fashion line and accessories in sports and casual style

Innovative factory took part in the industrial exhibition of the Russian Federation — «Innoprom 2017». Thereby the company became the first full-fledged participant in the history of the exhibition representing light industry.


The project on the development of the SHISHKIN men’s clothing brand and the creation of its own chain of flagship stores with the subsequent development of retail started.


Компания расширяет масштабы своего производства, презентуя первую в России «цифровую швейную фабрику». Не заставляют себя ждать и результаты работы: победа в национальной премии в области индустрии моды «Золотое Веретено» и VI Всероссийском форуме легкой промышленности.


Старт нового рабочего года бросает вызов привычным укладам жизни. Все производственные мощности ГК «Портновская мануфактура SHISHKIN» проходят экстренную перенастройку под массовый выпуск средств индивидуальной защиты.

В разгар пандемии Дмитрий Шишкин выступает перед Владимиром Владимировичем Путиным как один из делегатов представительства легкой промышленности России.

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