Luxurious mohair

The word «mohair» is from Turkish language and means «best goat hair». Mohair is made from the wool of goats that originally lived in Angora, a Turkish province. Their wool was so highly valued that the Turkish Sultan had to ban the export of not only the wool, but also the goats themselves. Today mohair is a highly prized, luxurious natural fiber. It resembles silk and also is widely used for sewing coats, business suits and tuxedos.

Mohair characteristics:

  • Very Flexible
  • Tear resistant
  • It has a stable, long-lasting natural shine that does not fade even after many years of wear.
  • Mohair is warm because of the low thermal conductivity. It keeps warm well.
  • Not self-igniting, but if ignite, the ignite will be weak and go out almost immediately.

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